RX-8 Questions
We've designed to be as informative as possible. Here are answers to specific vehicle questions that you may find useful and informative. Click on the question below to find out more about the RX-8.

Do the rear seats fold down?

The back seats are designed as a "pass through" between the seats and are not able to fold down.

How many speakers does the Bose® system come with?

The audio unit comes with a total of 9 speakers.

1 — 3-inch neodymium centerfill speaker in the center of the instrument panel
2 — 2-inch neodymium mid/high-range speakers in each front door
2 — 9-inch neodymium woofer with two state modulation amplifiers in each front door
4 — 2 2-inch mid/high-range speakers mounted with 2 6x9-inch woofers on the rear deck

What happens if the vehicle has a flat tire?

The vehicle comes equipped with an Instant Mobility System (IMS) emergency flat tire repair kit. This kit will assist in adding air back into the tire and seal the hole. However, this is only temporary and the tire will need to be repaired.

A spare tire kit can be purchased as an accessory from your local authorized Mazda dealership. The kit includes a space-saver tire, mounting bracket and cover. The vehicle already comes equipped with a jack, removable tow hooks and lug wrench. If the regular tire needs to be replaced, the regular tire should fit in the rear of the vehicle.

To find your nearest authorized Mazda dealership, use our dealer locator.

Does the tire pressure monitor all four tires?

Yes, the sensor in all four wheels transmits to the control unit if the tire is under the recommend inflation level. The control unit turns on a warning light on the dashboard.

Does the vehicle come with a switch to turn off the passenger-side airbag?

Since the vehicle is designed with seating in the rear, no switch will be offered to turn off the passenger-side airbag.

To verify if child seat will fit in the rear seats, please contact the child seat manufacturer for details.

Can the odometer and the trip odometer be switched from km to miles?

Yes, please refer to page 5-30 of the owner's manual.

Will a convertible version be available in the future?

Currently Mazda does not have any plans to release a convertible RX-8.

What type of oil is recommended?

For details on the maintenance of your vehicle, please see the owner's manual for the specific model and year of the vehicle.

How do I find out what the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) rated my vehicle for safety?

You may visit their website at: You will be able to choose any model to see the safety rating.

How do I get a spare tire kit?

If you order an RX-8 with a spare tire kit as an option, it comes with a tire on the rim. If you order it as a dealer-installed accessory, the tire is not included.

The following are various dealer-installed spare tire kits, with part numbers:

Complete Spare Tire Kit (FE02-V8-360):

  • Wheel
  • Attachment kit (mounting kit)
  • Tire

Spare Tire Kit without tire (FE01-V8-360):

  • Wheel
  • Attachment kit (mounting kit)

Spare tire only (TR30-18-9470):

  • Tire

What is the Production Number of my 2005 RX-8 Shinka?

To determine the production number, download the VIN number listing. Open the PDF file, then select the “Find” or “Search” command under the “Edit” menu. Type in your last 6 digits of your vehicle’s VIN and search. The corresponding production number will be your vehicle’s number.