Mazda enthusiasts' concepts pull out the stops in getting individualized, stylized, and customized.

Mazda has teamed up with Amoco and top tuner Jay Laub, to create a one of a kind, custom built Mazda RX-8. The stock model RX-8 has undergone a custom build-out sure to turn a few heads!
  • CX-7 Adrenaline
Blurring the lines between a sport-utility vehicle and a sports car, Mazda reveals a more powerful, more aggressive CX-7 SUV, code-named Adrenaline. Adrenaline is a fully running prototype that Mazda engineers tricked-out by converting the CX-7 to a six-speed manual transmission, the same transmission found in the MAZDASPEED6.
  • CX-7 Phobia
This new tricked-out Mazda CX-7 from Troy Lee Designs will turn ‘spider haters’ into ‘spider lovers’ with one quick glimpse. The “Phobia” CX-7 takes the all-new 2007 CX-7 to the extreme by creating a piece of art that uses the CX-7 as the artist’s canvas.
  • CX-7 Wickedly Red
Mazda along with the DG Motorsports team created a “Wickedly Red” CX-7. There is no denying this is a Mazda CX-7 crossover SUV, but the immediate WOW-impact of the blazing paint job is equally matched by the body styling components from DG Motorsports appearance package.
Parts used for modifications are available at specialized equipment dealers and are NOT available through your Mazda dealership. Some performance parts have been designed and are intended for off highway application only. Installation of these parts on a vehicle intended for use on public roads may violate state or federal laws and regulations including those relating to emissions requirements and motor vehicle safety standards. Federal law and many state laws prohibit the removal, modification or rendering inoperative of any part or vehicle system affecting emissions or safety. Installation of some parts may void warranty coverage of your vehicle. See your Mazda Dealer for LIMITED WARRANTY details.