Your Warranty
Covered Components
The following items are covered under the terms of your Mazda Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle Additional Limited Warranty. Those items listed in bold type are covered under the Mazda Certified Pre-Owned Limited Powertrain Warranty.
Mazda Warranty Covered Components Brakes
All lines and fittings
Backing plates
Brake springs
Calipers and wheel cylinders
Clips and retainers
Combination valve
Master cylinder
Parking brake linkage and cables
Vacuum power booster
Mazda Warranty Covered Components Steering
Control valve and cylinder
Manual and power steering
Gear housing (all internal parts)
Power steering pump, cooler and lines
Seals and gaskets
Shafts and bushings
Upper and lower ball joints
Upper and lower control arms

Mazda Warranty Covered Components Suspension
Front MacPherson struts
Stabilizer bar
Linkage and bushings
Kingpins and bushings
Rear MacPherson struts (frt.drv.only)
Spindle and spindle supports
Rear axle
Air Conditioning
Mazda Warranty Covered Components Air Conditioning
A/C accumulator
A/C clutch and clutch bearings
Compressor o-rings
Compressor pulley
Compressor seals
Field coil

Mazda Warranty Covered Components Transmission
All Internally lubricated parts
Seals & Gaskets
Torque Converter
Transfer Case
Transmission Case

Mazda Warranty Covered Components Electrical Electronics
Electric ignition module
Heated backglass (electrical only)
Manually operated switches
Radiator fan relay
Starter motor
Voltage regulator
Windshield wiper motor
Wiring harness (exc.spark plug)
Mazda Warranty Covered Components Engine
All internally lubricated parts
Cylinder block
Cylinder head
Freeze plugs
Fuel Pump
Intake manifold
Exhaust manifold
Oil pan
Oil pump
Rotor & housing
Seals & gaskets
Timing chain
Timing gears
Timing belt
Lysholm compressor (factory installed)
Valve covers
Water pump
Water pump gasket
Front/Rear Drive
Mazda Warranty Covered Components Front Rear Drive
Constant velocity joints
Drive axle
Drive axle housing & all internally lubricated parts
Drive shaft
Final drive housing & all internally lubricated parts
Front wheel bearings
Manual & automatic hubs (4 wheel drive vehicles)
Rear axle bearings
Rear wheel bearings
Seals & gaskets
Universal joints
Parts and Services NOT Covered

  • All items not specifically listed as covered above.
  • Repairs covered by the Mazda New Vehicle Limited Warranty or recalls.
  • Service adjustments and cleaning.
  • Repairs needed to any engine, transmission or final drive components caused by an aftermarket-installed turbocharger/supercharger.
  • Repairs caused by damage or unreasonable use (damage from road hazards, accident, fire or other casualty, misuse, negligence, racing, or failure caused by modifications or parts not authorized by or supplied by Mazda).
  • Damage from the environment (airborne fallout, acts of war, chemicals, tree sap, salt, hail, windstorm, lightning, road hazards, etc.).
  • Damage resulting from lack of required maintenance (failures caused by the owner neglecting to perform the required maintenance services set forth in the maintenance schedule of the Owner Manual for the vehicle). Costs of these routine maintenance services are not covered. Proof of maintenance may be required, which may include inspection of maintenance records.
  • Repairs needed to a covered part caused by the failure of a non-covered part.
  • Repairs to the vehicle if the odometer is altered, broken or repaired/replaced so that the actual mileage cannot be determined.
  • To the extent allowed by law, loss of use of vehicle including loss of time, inconvenience, commercial loss, consequential damages and personal expenses such as motels, food, gas and mileage.
  • Vehicles manufactured for sale outside of the 50 United States and Canada.
  • Repairs to the vehicle performed outside of the 50 United States and Canada, and repairs required because of normal operation outside of the 50 United States and Canada.
  • Repairs made on or before the effective date of this Mazda Certified Pre-Owned Limited Warranty will not be valid if the New Vehicle Limited Warranty has been voided or the vehicle has been totaled or salvaged.
  • Ineligible vehicles include vehicles used by police, taxis, livery, shuttle, commuter, ambulances, tow trucks, branded vehicles, or vehicles equipped with snowplows.