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Where can I find information on the 2009-2013 Mazda6 Door Latch recall?

Mazda is implementing a safety recall for all 2009 – 2013 MY Mazda6 vehicles. There is a potential concern that the mounting for the door latches may loosen through use and prevent the doors from fully latching. If not fully latched, the door ajar warning light will illuminate to notify the driver. In this condition there is a possibility that the door could suddenly open while the vehicle is being operated.

Mazda will send notifications to affected customers as soon as possible, but if you bring your car to a Mazda dealer, they can complete the recall repair.

If you have any questions regarding this concern please contact your local Mazda dealer.

What is a Recall or Special Service Program (SSP)? How do I determine if my vehicle is affected by a Recall or SSP?

Special Service Programs: Special Service Programs (SSPs) are voluntary campaigns to improve goodwill and customer satisfaction. Customers are contacted by mail, and customer participation is voluntary.

Recalls: There are two forms of recalls for motor vehicles, (1) emissions recalls and (2) safety recalls. Both automobile manufacturers and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency can initiate an emissions recall when a substantial number of a category of vehicles fails to meet the emissions standard. A safety recall involving a motor vehicle or an item of motor vehicle equipment can either be independently conducted by a manufacturer or ordered by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to repair a safety-related defect or noncompliance with a Federal motor vehicle safety standard.

To determine if your vehicle is affected by either a recall or SSP, log into MyMazda.com and click on Recall/Special Service Programs. Log in to MyMazda.com

What components are covered under the specific warranties for my vehicle (Adjustment, New-Vehicle Limited, Limited Powertrain, Safety, Perforation, CPO and Emissions)?

For information on vehicle warranty and covered parts, please refer to your warranty booklet, which is included with your owner's manual, or to the warranty section of our Web site.

For the coverage on a specific component of your vehicle, please contact your local authorized Mazda dealership. Locate Dealer

What is the warranty on my tires?

Mazda does not provide a warranty on tires. For any questions regarding your tire warranty, please contact the specific manufacturer.

Bridgestone/Firestone: (800) 367-3872


Continental: (800) 461-1776


Goodyear/Dunlop: (800) 321-2136


Kumho: (800) 445-8646


Michelin: (800) 847-3435


Pirelli: (800) 747-3554


Toyo Tire (West Coast): (800) 442-8696


Toyo Tire (East Coast): (888) 444-8696


Uniroyal Goodrich: (800) 521-9796


Yokohama: (800) 722-9888


How do I obtain a new key for my vehicle?

New Mazda vehicle keys may be obtained directly from your local authorized Mazda dealership. Replacement keys can be obtained once ownership information has been verified. Contact your local dealership for specifics regarding owner verification. Please note, due to security reasons, Mazda USA cannot provide key codes over the phone or via email. Locate Dealer

I have a technical question about my Mazda. Can someone assist me over the phone or via email?

As our Customer Experience Representatives are not trained to provide technical assistance, you would need to contact your local authorized Mazda dealership for assistance with diagnosing your vehicle's concern. Mazda recommends you schedule an appointment at your local authorized dealership to provide the most convenient service possible. Locate Dealer

How do I obtain an owner's manual?

Contact your local authorized Mazda dealership and ask them to order a replacement booklet for you. For certain vehicles, you can also access an online version of your owner's manual at the following link: Manuals & References

What is the 2004-2008 RX-8 Rotary Engine Core Limited Warranty Extension Program SSP77?

There is a Special Service Program that covers the internal rotary engine core components after a diagnosis has been performed by an authorized Mazda dealership. This warranty does not cover items outside the engine such as coils, cooler lines or emissions components. For more information, download the original owner notification regarding this concern. To determine if your vehicle is specifically affected by this special service program, please contact your local dealership for assistance with a diagnosis. Locate Dealer

Is the Vehicle Service Contract I purchased with my car backed by Mazda?

Mazda currently offers a Vehicle Service Contract program called Mazda Extended Confidence. Please visit your local dealer to inquire about purchasing this extended warranty. Learn more about Mazda Extended Confidence.

Prior to June 2012, Mazda offered the Mazda Extended Protection Plan, which was owned and managed by a third party, APCO Corporation. If you have questions regarding this plan, please contact APCO directly at (877) 238-8172

If you do not have one of the plans above, then your Vehicle Service Contract was likely administrated through an entity not affiliated with Mazda. As individually owned and operated businesses, some Mazda dealerships may offer additional Vehicle Service Contracts administrated through a third party company. Limitations may apply, including servicing your vehicle at their dealership. Mazda is not aware of any other terms and conditions involved in these Service Contracts, and any queries in relation to these offers should be made directly to the selling dealership. Locate Dealer

Whom do I need to contact regarding questions about my sales transaction or contract?

A sales contract is a legally binding contract/document between a customer and an authorized Mazda dealership. Therefore, any contractual questions or disputes must be directed to the selling dealership. You may also request to speak with the dealership's Sales Manager for additional assistance. Locate Dealer

Are rental vehicles provided for warranty-related repairs?

Rental vehicles are only provided after a diagnosis has been made regarding the vehicle's concern and under Mazda's New-Vehicle Limited Warranty. Upon having your vehicle diagnosed, your authorized Mazda dealership can advise you if your vehicle repair qualifies for a rental vehicle. Please note, rental vehicles cannot be provided before a diagnosis has been made on your vehicle.


Most answers can be found in our FAQ section, however should you require additional assistance, you can contact your local Mazda Dealer or call our Customer Experience Center at (800) 222-5500. Representatives are available Monday through Friday, 6:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time.

The Mazda Customer Experience Center can also be reached by chat, mail and email.

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Most answers can be found in our FAQ section. You can also contact Mazda by email.


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Mazda has partnered with Chase Auto Finance to provide you with a variety of auto financing options. For information on financing your Mazda vehicle, please check out the latest special financing offers and contact your local Mazda Dealer for complete details.

We’ve compiled some basics on buying or leasing with Mazda Capital Services. This guide takes you through common financing terms, setting a budget and the advantages of leasing or purchasing your Mazda.

For existing customers of Mazda Capital Services, provided by Chase Auto Finance, please call:

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Information regarding a pending or resolved Mazda recall or Special Service Program can be found at MyMazda.com. There, you can search by VIN to determine if your vehicle is affected by a recall or SSP.


Mazda USA only handles vehicles imported or exported between the USA and Canada that were originally distributed and sold in the USA. For vehicles originally distributed and sold in Canada, click here.

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When completed and signed, please email importexportrequest@mazdausa.com or fax the form to (949) 272-4867. For additional information, please refer to our Import and Export FAQ section